Trailer finishing campaign

We are looking to finish our new band trailer by Band Camp, including a full color wrapped exterior! We have had a wonderful donation of all of the work for the interior carpentry and electrical. Our final project of the wrap will cost us approximately $7500.00. We are asking all parents to check with their employers to see if any matching grants, charitable contributions, or other donations are possible. It never hurts to ask! We hope to have the funding in place by July 15, so that we can have the trailer sent out and returned completed by band camp! We still have plenty of space still on the back door of the trailer for our sponsor's logos. This would just take a few donations from local businesses to fully complete our trailer project!


Scrip orders will be taken approximately once a month during the off-season.  The due dates for scrip orders as follows:

April 12th
May 17th
June 7 & 21 - 100% of rebate goes to child's band account

Remember: Your scrip orders make money for the Rustin Marching Band, and help you pay for your student's band fees.  For every two dollars you earn for the band, one dollar goes into your band credit* account.  Credits may be used for any band fees, including band camp and Florida trip, so start earning credits now!

For help getting started with Scrip, you can download Getting Started with Scrip from the members only page on our website.  If you still have questions, you can contact Francie Hickson at or 610-308-0901.

Scrip cards make great gifts for birthdays and all occasions!

* band credit accounts are not refundable or transferable.

New Fundraiser - Amazon Smile

Donate to your favorite charity (Band Boosters, of course) without spending a penny! Amazon has recently implemented a program where they will donate 0.5% of the cost of (almost) any purchase to your favorite charity. All you need to do is go to (rather than to do your shopping. Following this link will take you there: Our name is listed as Parent Booster, USA, which is the organization that we are a member of, granting us our non-profit status. Our tax ID is unique, however, so be assured that the donation will be directed to us.

This program works regardless of your payment method!  Even if you are paying with Amazon scrip, we will get an additional 0.5% donation if you purchase through Amazon Smile.


All students must attend every practice/performance/and event. If you are in school, you must be at practice. We do not have practice Mondays, or every other Wednesday. Please schedule routine Dr. appointments for those days, not during practice. All absences for illness require a Dr. note. Please email Mr. Shoremount if you are going to be out prior to the start of rehearsal due to illness. Students should only miss practice if they are sick with a Dr.’s note.

Athletic Sneakers

All members, regardless of section must have athletic sneakers for practice.  Running shoes are the best bet.  No boots, flip flops, sandals, converse all-stars, board shoes, etc. are allowed.  This is for your own safety!  Shoes must be able to tightly tie.

Water for Practice

All members are reminded that they MUST have their large water cooler at all practices and events. A little water bottle is not enough. Bottles can be filled in the band room sinks before practice.

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